Graphic design / Branding

A student run UNSW Arc Sports club with a diverse member base ranging from beginners to professionals.

2019 – Present

Project background

Poor social media presence and lack of identity meant that the club was not managing it’s communications as well as it could be. The purpose of this revamp was to build a welcoming brand to engage a community of enthusiastic table tennis club members.

I implemented the design system and centralised design within Figma to execute consistency whilst onboarding the rest of the team.


The logo was inspired from the bat and ball concepts from previous logos, but we wanted to hero the iconic red face of the racquet.

Ideation initially started with 3D experimentation and more outlandish approaches to try to capture a “cool” feel, eventually we realised that it needed to be “an easy get” from small scales and went for a flatter execution with the previous branding font “cool warm” as the typeface. We lightened up the background blue to make it more playful and warm.

In 2021, an update saw the removal of the white border for flexibility of use and updating of the brand font for consistentcy.


The colours were decided to reflect a vibrant and energetic club atmosphere. With Table Blue and Racquet Red leading, we rolled these colours across all our material – with black and white balancing the bolder colours. This would enable us to be able to create visual impact with each post.


Black ground was chosen as our branding font to embody boldness and passion in a full capitalised typeface. For our text font we went with Montserrat, which was a rounded but semi-professional and easily legible font.


While slightly unresolved, our team liked the down-to-earth appeal of these little personified balls which functioned as flexible mascots.